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Happy Mother's Day Wifey's!

One of the oh so many things I love about bridal shop happenings... the meaningful relationships.
We meet a bride, she buys her wedding dress... the end, right?

I sure hope not!

Over the past 12 years in business, I have met some of the most amazing men and women who were once customers at some point in time.  They definitely bought more than "just a dress" or "just a service".  We make so many memories together, form a relationship and that relationship is so special!  No two customers are ever alike.

You would think after 12 years it would get old. 
Would it be the same day after day?  Year after year? 
Same old stories, same old song and dance?
Thankfully for me, it doesn't!

Today's blog, I am thinking of all of our past brides who became a wifey after saying "I Do". 
Perhaps the journey as a wife means you want to become a mom.

Maybe you have decided you want a family with kiddos... 
Maybe you are marrying into a family with children...
Maybe you held a child in your heart, but never got to hold them on your hip. 

To all of our Wifey's who could check the box for any or all of these, I am thinking of you this mother's day weekend. 

This year has been very special for me in our home. 
It was one of the most memorable mother's day weekends for me. 
Each year life gets better and more interesting - my kids age one more year.
They start to feel emotions and express themselves more with communication.
It's that feeling that makes my heart want to burst with love and appreciation. 

Being a mom has helped me to be a better professional in the wedding industry.
Being a wedding professional has helped me to be a better mom!
Working with brides requires a certain level of patience, nurture, humility, selflessness, positive energy, enthusiasm...
All of this is the perfect bootcamp for mom-ing it. 

It's a tough industry for some. 
It's an easy industry for others.

Thankful for my 'lil babes for helping me be a better wedding professional.
Thank you to all of my brides and wifey's who have helped me to be a better mom!

(I can't forget my amazing team- I have some pretty amazing moms, non-moms, wedding professionals who teach me a new way of thinking every chance they can!)
Hope all of you had memorable mother's day as we did~


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