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Classy Concepts Receives "Best of Weddings 2010" Award

Thank you to all of our brides who voted for us again this year!
This is an true honor and huge compliment from our customers.  We really appreciate you letting us know how we are doing.  We are always finding ways to improve, become more customer oriented and grow as a business.  This award helps us to know we are on the right track!

I am so fortunate to have a great team of talented bridal consultants that make certain our customers are given the service they deserve.  I appreciate each one of you talented *studs* as they/we impact the most important life event for families every single day!  God Bless, Sue

"Congratulations on being chosen as a top wedding professional in The Knot Best of Weddings 2010!
What sets this honor apart from others is that it's not just your colleagues (or even The Knot) bestowing
this award on your business - it is real brides who were thrilled with the level of service you brought to
their wedding day.

The Knot Best of Weddings Magazine is a c…

How to Deal with 7 Common Prom Dramas

I found this article on and thought I would share.  Prom is the time to have fun planning a final event of glamour and personality.  Its for Seniors to celebrate all the memories of high school as they look forward to the years to come in their adult futures.  Hope all of you prom goers enjoy the experience and let this article help you with any of the challenges that may come your way! xoxo

Here is the actual article link:

Happy Couple!

Janet and I have a special place in our heart for Misti!  She is Kim's older sister and Kim has been a close friend of mine for years.  I didn't get to see Misti much since she doesn't live in the area as Kim and I, but each time I we got together... we always had a blast together.  Misti has so many great ideas that she must have had a tough time narrowing down all the plans to choose what she did.  Some brides are so creative and the planning ideas come to them so easily!  Must be nice! ;)

I am so happy for this couple and their family.  Being around Misti and Kim's family being able to not only help Misti and her mom Judy as the Mother of the Bride, but will also being doing the same in 2 weeks with Kim and Judy again. 

Misti, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.  I love that you put a special touch on everything for your wedding day which makes it so YOU.  This is what a wedding should be- an expression of the bride and groom!  Cheers to you and Thorin!!!…

Magazine Cover Story

Brides of North Texas is looking for a real bride for their upcoming issue cover story!  Register online and you could be on the cover of this magazine.  Here is the info for the registration...

Register Here:

Jonesing for the Jones'

Jennifer was such a treat to spend time with!  She's down to Earth, beautiful, adorable, fun, size 0, what's not to love? *grin*  I just enjoy reading her blog and it goes to show I am a sucker for this love stuff. ;)  It's amazing that you do something for a living and never get tired of it.  I work with brides and prom students/parents, friends and family all day and never get tired of hearing a great love story.

Here is a WONDERFUL love story that I want to share with all of you saps out there!
She goes through all the info on her dress, the BIG DAY, the planning and all the decisions she made.  I love all the charm she incorporated into the attire and the decor.  It's what a wedding should be- an expression of the bride and groom.  She definitely captured ever detail to play into thier Texas taste.

Their blog:

Love it!
Thank you for allowing Classy Concepts to assist you in your wedd…

Happy Easter Sunday!

Today was a special Easter Sunday!  My neice, Alexandra Elise, was baptised today and I am so honored to not only be her aunt but her Godmother and Zach is her Godfather. :)  We love both our neices so much and are always thrilled to spend time with them.  They grow so fast and crack me up with the things they do!

Madeleine (our older neice) is talking up a storm and doing the best impersonations of a ham child!  She is such a hoot and I can't wait for her to have fun times with her baby sister too!  What a great weekend of wonderful memories.  Hope all of you had a GREAT Easter weekend as well!  In asking our customers "What are your plans for the holiday weekend?"... most of you responded with "Food and Family Time".  What a great combination! 

I can't think of a better way of spending time than with those two things bringing it all together.  I remember my Saviour who died for the sins of the world and look forward to remembering and celebrating with t…