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New Arrival "Orra"

New Arrival "Barbara"

Driskill Hotel: Victorian Room and Citadel Opening

Last week I attended the historic Driskill Hotel opening of their two event rooms: The Victorian and the Citadel. These rooms are the yin and yang of decor. The Citadel is very urban lounge in style. It features red textured fabrics, velvet black and white accents throughout. I love that there is an upper balcony as well for guest to eat, talk or enjoy the scenery from above. This room is on the main level of the hotel and is adjacent to the hotel cafe and bakery. You can see the picture I took from the upper balcony. I really loved their presentation of food and beverage. They turned the simple... into sassy.

Past The upstairs Mezanine of the hotel is the Victorian Room. It is very sweet and inocent, but has a high level of class. Does this sound like a bride you know? It is surprisingly one of thier lowest price point room rates even though it does not miss a single detail with its elegant golds, ivorys and light shades of romance. :) It was so hard to decide which room …

Wedding Vows

Wedding VOWS:

'Tis the wedding season and we are not kidding. The conversation of weddings, wedding planning, invitation lists, where and how much is unending during this "season" AND always interesting. One way to make your wedding personalized to you is the wedding vows. After all, it is all about the commitment and the vows you are making to each other.

Make sure you and your betrothed are on the same page with personalizing your vows. If you go that route, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Incorporating Tradition:Ask your officiant for a look at the vows that would ordinarily be used at your particular church, synagogue or other ceremonial venue. You can use them as a jumping-off point for your own words of love and commitment. A civil ceremony will give you and your fiance the freedom to write your own vows. Be sure to ask the officiant, if you will need to include any particular words or terms to make your "I dos" valid in the eyes of your faith…

Spring 2008 Gowns Arriving!