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Locks of Love

Today is a big day for me!  I have been growing my hair out for the past 2 years in preparation to be able to meet the minimum hair length to donate to a non-profit organization called "Locks of Love".  They have a fantastic website filled with pictures, answers to questions and information regarding donors and questions that might come along with becoming one.  I have some before and after pictures too - wanted to make it fun!  I am able to donate 15 inches!!! How cool...

A few years ago, a good friend of mine grew out her hair to donate and I researched the organization and became a supporter.  I see this as something we all do anyway- (grow out our hair) so my hope is to share something new with someone (like my friend did) and inspire you to learn more and do what I did... give.  I read their mission statement and vision on the website and feel this is something that all of us can contribute a small part to help a big cause. 

A …