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Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

It is a wonder:
Even though your "real" birthday falls on one specific day, how do we somehow manage to get a weeks worth of showering celebration? What a great birthday week this has been!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone. :) I have posted a photo (or two) of one of the fun times with the girls + Jiri and the fellas.

Say Cheese For Fun

This was too darn cute not to share!

Amy and I were at the Tribeza Show and saw the neatest idea. Say Cheese For Fun is a photo booth rental company that travels to your venue for weddings, birthdays, special events and parties. They had props and hats for you to put on as you get into the booth and take photos to make it more fun- we felt like kids all over again!

This would be great for prom and graduation parties. You could charge for the photos if you wanted or you could do complimentary 2 color or black & white photo strips.

We spoke with Todd Darby who is the owner of Say Cheese. He was a very energetic and professional person who would be happy to help you with questions.

Contact Information:
Todd Darby, Owner of Say Cheese
www.saycheeseforfun.com512-484-4966 or

Schandra Upscale Women's Accessories

I was able to make it up to Dallas, Texas and during my visit I was able to see the World Trade Center to see the Schandra Women's Accessories Showroom. They have 3 showrooms in the WTC and they are each so different.

It was a great experience to talk with the owners of this family owned business and select pieces of jewelry that we will be offering for sale and rent at our new store. There were AWESOME chandelier earrings and necklaces as well as other crystal pieces that I loved. We were also able to enjoy a night on the town with their son and great friend- Bobby.

Bobby took all of us to a new art exhibit at the Ashton of photography taken in Africa. After, we walked over to Coal Vines and had a coal fired pizza dinner. Never knew that blue cheese on a pizza could be good when used in moderation! :) After dinner, we made it up town to listen to live music and hit some of the hot night life Dallas style.

You can see our new fine women's accessories by Schandra when you vi…

Painting In Progress

Matt, Savannah, Crystal, Danielle, Chad, Bryan and I got things started this week with some color on the walls! The office was painted in builder white so we had to change that first.

We had a great time and I appreciate all of them for coming out to help.

Here is Matt taking down the ceiling fan in replacement to the beautiful crystal chandelier we now have in the front reception area.

He finished up with the help of Chad and Bryan.

Crystal and Danielle make it look so easy as they take time away from working hard to get a quick smile for the camera.

Thank you guys for taking time out of your week to paint! You are the best!