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Make use of ICE that looks like SNOW! :D

How can  you do something for your wedding planning today without getting in the car on these icy roads?  Forget trying to gather up your besties/mom in the scariness of other crazy drivers running into you...

Why not walk to a pretty area in your neighborhood, a park nearby or somewhere close by and take an awesome Christmas photo or something you can cherish while the backdrop is white?  Even though this is NOT snow... LOL... it sure looks like snow!  It would make a beautiful engagement/Christmas picture!!

You can shop for your wedding dress on Sunday but this snow is going to be gone by Monday :)

Get bundled up with lots of cute layers and ta a sweet shot like the one we shared from KD Photography of our gorgeous Wifey Hope Simpson!!! Isn't she the cutest?

Let's Chat about your Special Day!!

Hi Everyone!  The Bridal Salons will be closed today and hope you are all safe at home too.
Be careful out there!!

We will be open SUNDAY December 8th from 1-5pm at Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique in Mansfield, TX and we will keep you posted on the store hours we will have on Sunday for Ava's Bridal Couture.

If the roads are good in Fort Worth and people are out driving on them, we will be happy to open up the salon for our brides!

TEXT or CALL us at (573) 454-1160 let's chat from the comfort of your home!  Grab a cup of cheer and let's get some of your wedding planning done!!!
Your friends at Ava's Bridal Couture & Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique