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Beat Leukemia Ball - Omni Hotel Fort Worth

 Very special night gettin' fancy with good friends and family!  The Beat Leukemia Ball is an event that raises money for leukemia research through Leukemia Texas, an organization that raises funds to support families who have been impacted by leukemia.  Honored to enjoy an elegant evening at the table of Mr and Mrs Heath.  
 One of the coolest parts of the program was the patient speaker, Katie.  She is 13 years old and has battled her 2nd round with leukemia .  Leukemia Texas was there for financial and emotional support when She began her treatment.  She completed a bone marrow transplant, but soon after the cancer was back.  The 2nd diagnosis being even harder than the first, Katie's parents decided to try a new type of treatment since the transplant was unsuccessful the first time.  Katie gave positive words along side her family - younger brother Maverick, Dad and Mom had special words to say.   How would she describe herself in one word?  "Optimistic".  That she was! Katie was not only brave and a fighter.... she found ways to find the positives in the negative (being sick, living in a hospital for 6 months, missing school and a child's normal life).

 All of the speakers were very inspiring.  Words of positive thinking no matter the situations life brings, the informative introductions to new organizations like Leukemia Texas for one example, stay with me.  I 'met' several organizations, people and groups I had never heard of prior.
 Spending a fun night with college friends is a great time no matter the occasion.  Getting dressed in a sparkly beaded dress from Ava's Bridal Couture, of course!

 (Shameless plug- I must tell all of my moms out there... I may have gotten 10+ compliments from women coming up to me telling me how much they loved my dress.  Forgive me when I say I did a small cabbage patch dance each time knowing this dress is in our salon and PERFECT for a young mom such as myself who is gettin' fancy for her daughter's wedding day! 

I LOVED this dress for several reasons: 
1.  The random strangers complimenting me... it was awkward, but the dress was killin' it!
2.  I WORE A REGULAR BRA.  (Hallelujah, cue the choir angels singing!) 
3. Comfort factor was legit for being a fully beaded dress! (I may or may not have been on the dance floor the ENTIRE time the band was playing - sorry not sorry.)
4.  Last but not least... NO SPANX NEEDED PEOPLE!  Yes, you read this right... I know, I know... I almost don't believe it myself.  The beading is patterned in such a way that is flattering to the lower regions (if you know what I mean).  I fully expected to partake in my usual Spanx routine, but not on this bad boy!

 Allison's mom Janet had her battle with cancer.  I had my experience with the same cancer.  Cancer taught me how to change the way I think.  In the past, I allowed negativity to stay with me.  If faced with a negative person or negative situation, I struggled with walking away quickly from those people/situations.  Cancer has taught me there are two types of people in the world... those who are genuinely happy and those who aren't. 

I make a conscious effort to recognize negative situations/people early on before I get myself too invested.  Life is not happy every day.  Life is actually pretty doggone hard.  Happiness is a choice.  It's not always easy to embrace negative situations with a big ol giant hug, but you have to do it. Then, you gotta get yourself out of there as quick as humanly possible!
 Making new friends is always a great activity in my book!

 Surrounding yourself with champions (aka positive thinkers) is crucial to my healthy mind and spirit.  One person can radiate good vibes and make all the difference if life is handing me unwelcome surprises (life tends to do this from time to time!).  

My life is certainly not perfect, easy or a not stressful.  I wake up each morning remembering God gave me a rear view mirror that is small.  He also gave me a windshield that is huge.  When I connect with a friend who is smart, wild, successful, family centered, champion, brave, faith filled, strong, inspirational, calm, intelligent, easy to talk to, beauty from within. ... I grab my duct tape and wrap myself around that person!  Lol

Katie, the 13 year old patient speaker at last night's Beat Leukemia Ball inspired me. 
She reminded me of what life is all about- being optimistic and using your talents.
What an awesome experience for her to share her purpose to inspire others!
Thanks for taking the time to read the inspirations I took away from the Beat Leukemia Ball last night.

Much love, 

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