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Look what power tools, paint brushes and moving boxes will do!

  We cannot express the joy we are having in our new "home" for our brides to make these precious memories, but we can't candy coat.... Talk about a lot of work!!! :)

A wise man once said... "anything worthwhile in life takes hard work and dedication".  So, we keep doing what we do and getting ready for our guests. We are not paying attention to the aches and pains of the manual labor it takes to move.  (but that's beside the point)

Thank you to all of our customers and friends for your support in our family business and we promise to return the favor with personalized treatment and care for your purchase.

If you haven't been by yet... Let me show you around the store!  There is STILL LOTS to unpack and put on the walls, but we are getting the store in place....

New Location NOW OPEN!

Oh yes we did! Most people would have called us crazy to move the entire bridal salon in 2 days, but we did it! Thank you to our amazing staff and awesome friends/family for driving from all over the state to help us on their days off. We have our grand opening, ribbon cutting, and block party scheduled for the weekend of Friday, Oct 26th, but come by and see us NOW! We are still getting organized and settled into our new home so please excuse the sound of power tools and the site of moving boxes, but overall it is ready for business!!! We promise you will love the new salon!!! Congratulations to our first customers today in the new store!!! We had our first of many "Say Yes" moments today and are feeling so blessed. Thankful for all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen out there! I updated our address and hours on our facebook page and website, but all our phone numbers are staying the same!

"Beauty in All Sizes" Campaign

With the new store comes new, fresh decor... more selection... but we are MOST excited about growing with you in customer service & strengthen what we are doing that makes a stronger impact in our customer's experience.  We are branding our "Beauty in All Sizes" Campaign and making it easier for every bride to come in and have the "Say Yes" experience as a Classy Concepts Bride.  
The leaders in our store have always had an emphasis in making every bride feel beautiful in her own skin- no matter her size. Whether you are a petite size (size 00-4) standard size (6-16) or a women's size (18-30)... we have always carried the most beautiful selection in every size.  We want every bride to "feel" the perfect fit that makes shopping for your wedding dress so special!  A lot of financial investment and space has gone into this campaign that most stores aren't willing to invest in, but it is well worth the extra effort when our brides make that co…