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Tiana: Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique Featured Wedding

Tiana Bond Jackson!!!

Why are you so friggin  gorgeous ! !? We had so much fun getting to spend time w you and your mom (& Joseph and your dress Danielle!) It was and is a time I/we will never forget ! 

You would think our job would feel the same with every bride but it doesnt. We make special memories with each of you that make us laugh (and sometimes cry when we think of your sweet dad looking down on u.) 

These pictures mean so much to us and I hope you know I mean it when I told u and ur mom I hope my daughter grows up to be as confident, couragious, intelligent, brave, beautiful  and humble just as you are. Your parents gave you the most important tools you could ever need in life that will continue to get you far. I'm so happy to have you part of my life today and forever! Can't wait to see little Tianas  and Josephs  running around!!!!! ;)

Sincerely ,  Sue   and all your friends at Classy  Concepts  Bridal  ♡♡  

Photo credit: McGowen Images. Please check out their page and contact them for your  special day!  Tiana loved working with them and as you can see they did an amazing job! Wow

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